We are a Wearable Tech Design Studio offering educational workshops and products for exploring and creating wearable technology focusing on skill and knowledge development in simple circuitry, soft textiles, and design thinking. Hybrid learning experiences of coding, sewing, and design are aimed at beginner learners ages 6 and up.


The workshop series and maker kits broaden current S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning by providing learners with experiences that develop their creativity and logical thinking, enhancing their problem solving abilities. Additionally, educators can easily incorporate soft circuit design techniques into traditional classrooms.


Emily Ip

Co-Founder and Instructor

Emily is an interaction designer and researcher specializing in tangible interaction design. Her latest research focuses on haptic communications on wearable interfaces that connect parents to their infants.


An educator with 8 years of teaching experience in higher education, Emily is currently a Limited-term Lecturer teaching Visual Communication Design at Simon Fraser University and Fraser International College. Emily holds a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Design and Media Arts, and a Master of Arts degree in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University.

  • Master of Arts, SFU 

  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, SFU

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Design and Media Arts), SFU

  • Certificate in Interior Design, BCIT

Wynnie Chung

Co-Founder and Instructor

Wynnie is an embodied interaction design-researcher specializing in wearable technology. Her research and design work explores how people can combine storytelling and interactive objects and environments to express their experiences


She is also a design educator teaching courses in interactive narratives, new media design, and research + design writing at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology Program. Wynnie holds a BA (Honors) degree in Design and Media Arts and is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University.

  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, SFU

  • Bachelor of Arts Hons. (Major in Design and Media Arts), SFU


Ambassador in Creativity & Play

Silver is a miniature American Eskimo who enjoys exploration through everyday play. His curiosity in new spaces and things, and fearless personality makes him the bravest adventurer in the studio. After all, the number one ingredient of creativity is a playful mindset!


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